Guided by a shared vision, ConnectGO’s partners 和 other local transportation organizations are spearheading multiple projects 和 planning efforts to improve our roads, 公共汽车, 自行车道, 小径, 人行道等.


的 aim is a more vibrant, equitable 和 可访问的 metro.

Omaha is building 一个有轨电车!

On 2022年1月26日, Mayor Jean Stothert 和 the 大奥马哈商会 took a huge step in bringing one of the ConnectGO 优先级 into reality by 建议发展 一个有轨电车 as part of an urban core mobility system.

This is an important step for Greater Omaha, 和 there is plenty more to come!

ConnectGO heard from more than 8,000 people about their perspectives 和 优先级 to build the ConnectGO Regional Transportation Strategy. Read how the streetcar fits into this plan.


Priorities have shifted 和 our community continues to evolve as we navigate our future. How do we ensure the long-term relevance 和 viability of Omaha’s transportation network amidst these changes? It’s our job to answer that question. 

Some things will always remain true: people with access to good jobs, 教育, services 和 cultural amenities build strong, more desirable communities. Businesses choose to locate in connected places; young people seek them out 和 families want to stay.

Increased accessibility for everyone in our community continues to be a driving force of change.


Our community is connecting multiple exciting conversations about transportation — from our roads, 公交车, 自行车道 和 sidewalks to how we move freight, where we park cars 和 how neighborhoods develop — that are happening all around the Greater Omaha region. Things are moving 和 ConnectGO is leading the way.

ConnectGO is an intentional, community-wide dialogue about the future we build for ourselves. It’s about using our voices to determine what kinds of transportation systems will support a more equitable, 可访问的 和 modern city. 的se conversations will lead to a roadmap to get us there.

How will ConnectGO happen?

Over the past 18 months, we’ve been gathering input from the community to better underst和 people’s needs, 优先级, challenges 和 ideas 和 linking conversations with stakeholders across the region about what equitable, 可访问的, 和 modern transportation means to their communities.


On your mark, get set…

让我们去! Our region can’t afford to lag behind other communities. It’s important that we move forward or we risk becoming stagnant. We are reorienting our thinking around access 和 other disparities that hold us back.

大奥马哈商会, Metropolitan Area Planning Agency智慧城市 和 地铁交通 have partnered to leverage expertise to help our region rise above. 

ConnectGO will result in an 可行的策略 that includes implementation plans for policy, programs 和 specific transportation projects. 这一策略, scheduled to be completed in 2021, will include both short-term 和 long-term solutions, 和 will be our roadmap going forward.

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的se are values that move us.

A set of five community-defined principles have emerged to guide the ConnectGo initiative. 的se principles will shape the projects, policies 和 programs that will ultimately coalesce into a unified regional transportation strategy.



ConnectGO is a bold transportation strategy uniting the people 和 businesses of Greater Omaha around shared goals for our region. Focusing on equitable, 可访问的, 和 modern transportation to improve our quality of life 和 bolster our economic strength, ConnectGO will connect people, 机会, 和 communities through an actionable transportation strategy for today 和 tomorrow. ConnectGO is an initiative of the 大奥马哈商会, 智慧城市, 和 Metro Area Planning Agency (MAPA)